​Upcoming Events

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation to Participate in 2015 Advocacy Pavilion
at Upcoming AACR Annual Meeting
April 18-22, 2015, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA

The pavilion is a designated area on the AACR Annual Meeting exhibit show floor where not-for-profit cancer patient advocacy organizations can educate Annual Meeting attendees and network among groups, patients, and health care professionals.


Past Events 

Eighth International Symposium on the Breast: Using Next Generation Science to Understand the Normal Breast and How Breast Cancer Develops
Feb. 19 – 21, 2015
Santa Monica, California

The key to identifying the causes of breast cancer and determining methods to prevent this disease lies in understanding normal human breast physiology as well as breast carcinogenesis. Such research efforts are now benefiting from new technologies including more precise DNA/RNA analysis and novel breast biopsy procedures, advances of which, continue to open up promising new exploratory research avenues. The International Symposium on the Breast calls upon a multidisciplinary and international group of iconoclastic researchers, clinical scientists, and advocates, and challenges participants to formulate new technical approaches to the study of the normal and high-risk breast.

Pilot grants will be awarded to multidisciplinary collaborations formed at the conference to explore the application of next generation technology to understanding normal breast physiology and breast carcinogenesis.

Symposium Goals:

  • Foster the application of next generation science and technology toward accessing the normal human breast to identify the causes of breast cancer and potential avenues for prevention
  • Inspire new approaches by engendering multidisciplinary collaboration in a stimulating, non-clinical environment

Confirmed Speakers:
Ellen Carpenter, PhD, UCLA
Robert Chatterton, PhD, Northwestern University
Susan Clare, MD, PhD, Northwestern University
Sheldon Feldman, MD, Columbia University
Barry Gusterson, PhD, Western Infirmary, Glasgow
Donald Ingber, MD, PhD, Harvard University
Seema Khan, MD, Northwestern University
Laura Klein, MD, The Valley Hospital Breast Center
Delphine Lee, MD, PhD, FAAD, John Wayne Cancer Institute
Gertraud Maskarinec, MD, PhD, University of Hawaii
Erle Robertson, PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Pepper Schedin, PhD, Oregon Health & Science University
Patrick Sinko, PhD, Rutgers
Edward Sauter, MD, PhD, University of Texas
Saraswati Sukumar, PhD, Johns Hopkins
Thea Tlsty, PhD, UCSF
Paul van Diest, MD, PhD, University Medical Center Utrecht

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