Scientist↔Survivor Program Requirements & Guidelines

Requirements & Guidelines

Scientist↔Survivor Program (SSP) participants are accepted through a highly competitive application process. Each year the Survivor & Patient Advocacy Department receives hundreds of applications for a limited number of spots. Those selected for an SSP represent passionate and outgoing survivors and patient advocates for cancer research.

Survivor and patient advocates are encouraged to apply if they:

  • Actively support cancer research through policy advocacy, research advocacy and/or community outreach;
  • Have a constituency with which to share the knowledge they gain through the program;
  • Are in a position to communicate the knowledge gained from the program to colleagues and/or constituents and have access to avenues for disseminating this information;
  • Are able to participate in all components of the multiple-day program.


Applications are reviewed by a committee comprised of AACR staff, with acceptance on the basis of:

  • Level of experience in advocacy and knowledge of scientific research;
  • Advocacy priorities;
  • Organ-site focus;
  • Past participation in the program;
  • Location.

Submission of an application does not ensure acceptance, and uncompleted applications will not be considered. Applications received after the respective due date will also not be considered for acceptance. Due to restrictions in funding, certain conferences will not accept overseas applicants. Whether or not overseas applicants are accepted to the program will be listed on the conference-specific application.

You may only participate in a SSP twice, after which you may apply to attend the conference as an advocate mentor. An advocate mentor can only participate in the program twice. Multiple participants representing the same organization will not be accepted to the same conference.

If accepted into a Scientist↔Survivor Program, the AACR will cover all travel, lodging and meals during the program. Participants are, however, responsible for any incidental expenses including tips, phone, laundry, baggage fees, poster costs, and rental cars.

Advocates must present an advocacy poster during the poster session and submit a article three months after the completion of the program.

If you have any questions regarding requirements and guidelines of the Scientist↔Survivor program, please contact