Survivorship Track at AACR Annual Meeting


Presidential Select Symposium: Engaging Cancer Patients as Partners in the Research Process

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Elizabeth M. Jaffee (Chair) - Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel
Comp. Cancer Center
Paul G. Kluetz - FDA
Vernal H. Branch - Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation
Danielle Leach - St. Baldrick's Foundation
Gregory Simon - Biden Cancer Initiative
Louis M. Staudt - NCI
Nikhil Wagle - Dana-Farber Cancer Inst.

AACR-ONS Special Session: The Evolving Landscape of Survivorship Research

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Anna D. Barker (Cochair) - Arizona State University
Deborah K. Mayer (Cochair) - NIH
Sean Khozin - FDA
Gregory J. Aune - Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Inst.
Laura J. Esserman - UCSF Helen Diller Comp. Cancer Center
Linda Jacobs - Penn Medicine

Nonpharmacologic Approaches to Improving Survival and Patient-Reported Outcomes

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Jennifer Ligibel (Chair) - Dana-Farber Cancer Inst.
Dorothy D. Sears - Arizona State University
Lee W. Jones - Mem. Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Science of Survivorship: The Intersection of Survivorship and Aging

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Patricia A. Ganz (Moderator) - UCLA Jonsson Comp. Cancer Center
Kirsten K. Ness - St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Jessica Scott - Mem. Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Engaging and Involving Patients in Translational Cancer Research

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Bodour Salhia (Chair) - University of Southern California

Obesity: Changing the Landscape for Cancer Risk in Populations

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Elizabeth A. Platz (Chair) - Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

The Science of Survivorship: Long-Term Survivorship in Vulnerable Populations

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Deborah K. Mayer (Chair) - NIH
Catherine M. Alfano - American Cancer Society
Frank J. Penedo - Northwestern University