Scientific Journal Articles

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To learn more broadly about the research in a published article, you can turn to the news sections or press releases published by many scientific journals. These pieces are often written by science journalists rather than scientists, so they may be easier to comprehend than the article itself. Many times, journals also include commentary about an article from other scientists who are not involved with the research. Journals also publish editorials and letters to the editor. These types of pieces are helpful in your quest to understand the importance of a finding, controversy or opinion in medical research.

Reading medical literature can be hard work, but if you master some of the basics of finding useful information and comprehending the logic of a study, you are in a good position to evaluate it and figure out if it affects you or your loved one. You may want to ascertain whether other researchers are finding similar results in their studies. Ultimately, you decide whether you think the authors present a persuasive case.

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