Building upon the AACR's longstanding commitment to fostering partnerships with survivor advocates—and to fulfill its goal of significantly expanding these relationships—the association established the Survivor and Patient Advocacy Program in November 2004.

Our Mission

The AACR's Survivor and Patient Advocacy Program is dedicated to fostering mutually beneficial and enduring partnerships among leaders of the cancer survivor, patient advocacy and scientific communities. Lerarn more about the Program.

The Scientist↔Survivor Program celebrates 20 years.


In 1998, The Scientist↔Survivor Program was founded by two women, Dr. Anna Barker and Dr. Margaret Foti, to educate both researchers and advocates. The program has had a positive impact not only the lives of advocates and researchers but hundreds of communities that have received the knowledge on the latest in cancer research for the last 20 years.

The Scientist↔Survivor Program is more than just a program. It is a hub for learning and sharing knowledge. It is an opportunity to build partnerships and change lives. The Scientist↔Survivor Program is advocating for those that cannot advocate for themselves.

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Resources and Information

The AACR has a long-standing commitment to fostering partnerships with survivor advocates and to fulfill its goal of significantly expanding these relationships.

Are you interested in speaking with people who have walked in your shoes? Search here for an extensive list of cancer support and patient advocacy organizations. Find organized lists of groups dedicated to specific types of cancer, government agencies and research institutes that can provide you with the latest in specific organ site research.

Get the answers for the most common questions faced by advocates, patients, and caregivers. Check out the "How To" series to learn about find financial aid, clinical trials, and much more.

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