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Stand Up To Cancer T-Cell Lymphoma Dream Team Translational Research Grant | Grant Status - Closed

Grant Amount$ 8,000,000 USD

Expected Number of
Funded Grants


Grant Term

3 Year(s)

Letter of Intent Deadline

7/2/2018 12:00:00 PM

Letter of Intent Deadline Time Zone

Eastern Daylight Time

Letter of Intent Notification Date


Application Deadline

10/12/2018 12:00:00 PM

Application Deadline Time Zone

Eastern Daylight Time


The Stand Up To Cancer T-Cell Lymphoma Dream Team Translational Research Grant will fund a translational cancer research project focused on T-cell lymphoma that will address critical problems in patient care, including prevention strategies for those at risk, and deliver near-term patient benefit through investigation by a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional, collaborative Dream Team of expert investigators.


Projects must be designed to accelerate the application of new preventive, diagnostic or therapeutic approaches to the clinic (i.e., lead to patient involvement within 2-3 years from the beginning of the grant). Proposals for Dream Team research projects must present plans indicating how the work will be translated into the clinic. The ideas should be based on perceived opportunities for success as well as high-priority areas with a critical need for rapid progress beyond current medical care.

Eligibility Criteria

​To maximize creativity, innovation, and collaboration, the Dream Team must include laboratory and clinical researchers, senior and/or young investigators, and senior scientists who have not worked together in the past. 

Each Team will consist of a Dream Team Leader, a Dream Team Co-leader, no more than four additional Dream Team Principals, a Dream Team Project Manager, and at least two Advocates, with no more than six but a minimum of three participating institutions.

The Dream Team Leader, Dream Team Co-leader, Dream Team Principals, Dream Team Project Manager, and Advocates are collectively referred to as Key Personnel. The Dream Team Leader, Co-leader and Principals, must have acquired a doctoral or medical degree, and must be independent investigators affiliated with an academic, medical, or research institution.

The Dream Team Leader and Co-leader are expected to each dedicate at least 20 percent (or 40 percent combined) of their time and effort to the Dream Team research project. Dream Team Principals must each dedicate at least 10 percent of their time and effort to the Dream Team research project.

No Dream Team will have more than one Dream Team Leader, Co-leader, or Principal from any given institution at the time of their initial appointment on the Team. Except for the Project Manager and Advocates, no more than two Key Personnel may be from affiliated institutions. It is expected that additional Investigators from the Dream Team Leader's, Co-leader's or Principals' institutions may be involved in the Dream Team research project in some other capacity, and there is no limit to the number of Investigators from each of these institutions that may contribute to the Dream Team project.

Employees or subcontractors of for-profit industry are not eligible to serve as a Dream Team Leader, Co-leader, or Principal, however their participation as Collaborators is encouraged, where appropriate, to foster the development of novel diagnostic and treatment strategies. No grant funds may be directly awarded to Collaborators or any other individual working within a U.S. government institution/agency or a for-profit industry. Confidentiality and intellectual property issues must be negotiated with Collaborators prior to their participation in a Dream Team research project.

Young Investigators, including junior faculty, postdoctoral fellows, clinical research fellows, or any other researchers working under the direction of a scientific mentor, are not eligible to serve as a Dream Team Leader, Co-leader, or Principal; however, their participation in the Dream Team research projects is encouraged.

There are no citizenship or residency status restrictions. Neither members of the SU2C SAC and invited ad-hoc member of the Selection Committee, nor members of their individual laboratories are eligible for funding as part of the Stand Up To Cancer T-Cell Lymphoma Dream Team Translational Research Grant. Except for the Project Manager and Advocate(s), Key Personnel should not be funded on more than one SU2C-sponsored Dream Team grant. Except for the Dream Team Leader and Co-leader, scientists may be funded concurrently on SU2C and SU2C Canada grants. No more than 50 percent of the Principals (including Leader and Co-leader) from a previous Dream Team may apply as a group on a new Dream Team proposal.

Candidates with a question about the eligibility requirements are encouraged to contact the AACR SRGA Office at prior to submitting the proposal.

Citizenship Requirements

​There are no citizenship or residency status restrictions.

AACR Membership Requirements


Application Instructions

The AACR requires applicants to submit an electronic Letter of Intent via proposalCENTRAL by 12:00 p.m. (noon), Eastern Time on Monday, July 2, 2018 using the proposalCENTRAL website at

The Program Guidelines and Application Instructions are available in PDF format.

The Call for Ideas Document is available here.