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David J. Roy

David J. Roy
Manhattan Beach, California

Mr. Roy is a Pancreas cancer patient ( 67 years old) —diagnosed in November, 2012 with stage 4 metastatic pancreas cancer.  

In his professional life, since 1989 Mr. Roy has served as vice chairman and president of Van Beuren Management, Inc. which serves as a full service family office for the Ray Chambers family.  At Van Beuren Management, his responsibilities encompass all aspects of the multi-discipline, multi-location (NJ, NY, CA) enterprise, including investments, legal, accounting, tax, estate planning, etc.   Investment activity oversight includes direct private equity, private equity and fund seeding, managed investments (including hedge funds) as well as publicly traded securities.

In addition to his duties as vice chair and president, Mr. Roy also serves as senior trustee.  In this capacity he works as an adjunct to operational responsibilities, serves as a senior trustee for all Chambers' family trusts (including the family foundation), as well as GP for the Chambers family partnership.

Prior to his tenure at Van Beuren Management, Inc. Mr. Roy held the positions of vice president and managing director at Wesray Capital Corporation from 1886-1989, and was responsible for Wesray's west coast business activities, served as an advisor to Wesray portfolio companies, and was also a member of the Wesray investment committee.

In 1969, Mr. Roy co-founded Science Dynamics. Over a 16 year period Science Dynamics grew to become a leading national provider of health care information systems (hardware, software, services) to major medical centers, including teaching medical centers, throughout the United States.  Clients included university affiliated institutions such as the University of California medical Centers, the Stanford University Medical Center, the University of Texas Health Science Centers, the Georgetown University Medical Center, etc. as well as regional multi-specialty medical clinics and HMO providers such as Cigna Healthcare.

Science Dynamics was sold to McDonnell Douglas (MCAUTO) Healthcare Systems in 1984.

Mr. Roy holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master's degree in Business/Operations Research.  He has been married for 44 years with two sons and 7 grandchildren.  Mr. Roy resides in Manhattan Beach, CA.