Suzanne Ostrand-Rosenberg, PhD

Suzanne Ostrand-Rosenberg, PhD
Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
​University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Baltimore, Maryland

Dr. Suzanne Ostrand-Rosenberg holds the Robert and Jane Meyerhoff professorship of biochemistry and is professor of biological sciences at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), and is a member of the Tumor Immunology Program at the Greenebaum Cancer Center at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. She received an A.B. degree in biological sciences from Barnard College in 1970, completed her Ph.D. in immunology at The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) from 1970-1975, and was a postdoctoral fellow at The Johns Hopkins University from 1974-1977.

Her tumor immunology research program has focused on understanding the role of the immune system in responding to malignancies, with the goal of manipulating an individual's immune response to reject cancer cells. In the 1990's her laboratory was instrumental in demonstrating that a subpopulation of lymphocytes (so-called CD4+ T helper lymphoyctes) is essential for immune-mediated tumor rejection. In the early 2000s Dr. Ostrand-Rosenberg's laboratory extended their work to studying how inflammation induces immune suppression and facilitates the development and progression of primary and metastatic cancer. These studies have demonstrated that inflammation is a major regulator of a population of myeloid cells that are universally present in cancer patients and are a significant obstacle to cancer immunotherapies. Her lab is also developing vaccines for the prevention and treatment of metastatic cancers.

Dr. Ostrand-Rosenberg is the recipient of numerous awards, including an American Cancer Society Faculty Research Award, membership in The Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars, University System of Maryland Regent's Award for Excellence in Research, and UMBC Presidential Research Award. She is a member of the State of Maryland Stem Cell Commission and serves on the NCI Board of Scientific Counselors. She has over 20 years of service on peer-review committees for national and international research grant agencies, serves as an editor for several professional immunology and cancer journals, and is a frequently invited speaker at academic institutions and national and international conferences. Her laboratory has published more than 100 research articles and she holds four patents focused on cancer vaccines.