Karl Schwartz

Karl Schwartz
President and Co-founder
​Patients Against Lymphoma
Riegelsville, Pennsylvania

Karl Schwartz is a caregiver to his wife, a 15-year lymphoma survivor, and president of Patients Against Lymphoma, a nonprofit group he co-founded in 2004. He is the lead author of, which provides online support and evidence-based information on lymphoma and its treatments, with a focus on advancing the routine and informed consideration of clinical trials.

As a patient advocate, Mr. Schwartz has been invited to participate in a variety of events including the NCI Progress Review Group for Blood Cancers in 2001, NCI Biospecimen Best Practices workshops, and the NCI Technical Evaluation Panel: “Development of a Common Biospecimen Coordination System … for NCI Prostate SPORE.” He has served as a faculty member in a workshop sponsored by FDA, NCI, ASCO and Duke University “Accelerating Anticancer Agent Development and Validation Workshop” and most recently in two workshops sponsored by AACR/ASCO, “Methods in Clinical Cancer Research." Mr. Schwartz has provided patient perspectives on clinical research topics to various stakeholder as an invited speaker, such as “Harmonizing Research and Treatment Goals,” Boston Cancer Vaccine Conference; “The Demand for Innovation vs. Safety”, Leigh Thompson Renaissance Conference; “Announcing The Cancer Genome Atlas Project,” National Press Club; and “Evaluating Online Medical and Support Information,” sponsored by the Lance Armstrong Foundation, and Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Mr. Schwartz’s study on “Interest, Attitudes and Participation in Clinical Trials among Patients with Lymphoma” was published by ASCO in 2009. Mr. Schwartz is an active member of the patient representative and consultant program at the Food and Drug Administration and has taken part in four FDA advisory committee deliberations. He also serves on the Lymphoma Committee as a patient advocate on the Alliance Cooperative Group (formerly CALGB).