Beverly A. Teicher, PhD

Beverly A. Teicher, PhD
Chief, Molecular Pharmacology Branch
National Cancer Institute​
Rockville, Maryland

​Dr. Beverly A. Teicher is currently chief of the Molecular Pharmacology Branch at NCI, a position that she assumed in early 2011. One focus of the Molecular Pharmacology Branch is target and drug discovery in the disease areas of sarcoma and small cell lung cancer. Dr. Teicher completed a doctorate in bioorganic chemistry at the Johns Hopkins University and postdoctoral training at Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Teicher joined Dana-Farber Cancer Institute as an assistant professor of pathology and rose to associate professor of medicine and radiation therapy, Harvard Medical School at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Joint Center for Radiation Therapy. In 1997, Dr. Teicher was appointed research advisor in Cancer Drug Discovery at Lilly Research Laboratories where she founded and chaired the Tumor Microenvironment Action Group, chaired the Cell Cycle Action Group and headed the In Vivo Tumor Models Group before joining Genzyme Corporation in 2002. Prior to arriving at NCI, Dr. Teicher was vice president of oncology research at Genzyme Corporation for nine years.

Dr. Teicher is best known for her work in solid tumor models and physiologic measurements of tumor hypoxia and oxygenation, the study of anti-angiogenic agents and the study of drug combinations with an emphasis on in vivo determination of tumor cell killing along with determination of bone marrow CFU-GM killing in the same host. Dr. Teicher has headed laboratories and teams that have contributed critical preclinical studies to several approved anticancer agents and several investigational agents currently in clinical trial.

Dr. Teicher is an active member of the international scientific community having authored or co-authored more than 400 scientific publications. She has edited eight books, is senior editor for the journal Clinical Cancer Research, executive editor of the journal Pharmacology and Therapeutics and is series editor for the Cancer Drug Discovery and Development book series of more than 65 volumes.