CSCO Young Investigator Travel Awards

The AACR is pleased to have a partnership with the Chinese Society for Clinical Oncology (CSCO) that offers travel awards to AACR members who attend the AACR Annual Meeting to later attend and present their work at the CSCO  Annual Meeting, taking place each September in Xiamen, China. The goal of the travel award is to promote international scientific exchange. 


To apply, applicants must have attended and presented their work at the AACR Annual Meeting, and complete a CSCO Young Investigator Travel Award Application. 
Applicants will be asked to submit their AACR abstract control number, CV (including a list of publications), and a short personal statement (125 words or less) describing their research area and interests, current work setting, and reasons for attending the CSCO Annual Meeting. 

The 2018 application process is currently CLOSED.


  • Applicants must be AACR members less than 45 years of age who attended the AACR Annual Meeting.
  • Applicants must have been the first author and presenter of an abstract submitted for presentation at the AACR Annual Meeting.
  • Applicants must be full-time graduate students currently engaged in their doctoral research, medical students, residents, clinical or postdoctoral fellows, or early-career investigators (within 15 years of doctoral-level degree conferral at the time of application). 
  • Applicants cannot be employees or subcontractors of for-profit, private industry.
  • Applicants are not eligible if they are Chinese citizens, if they have received academic degrees or training from China, or if they are currently residing in China.

Selection of Award Recipients

The CSCO Young Investigator Travel Award Committee will make the selection for these competitive awards after careful consideration of the merit of the candidate's abstract, CV, and personal statement. 

Conditions and Logistics

The travel awards include complimentary registration to the CSCO Annual Meeting, accommodations for up to four nights, and up to $1,000 toward the cost of travel expenses. 

Award monies will be sent to award recipients upon receipt of their reimbursement forms after the CSCO Annual Meeting. Please note that the AACR is unable to provide award monies to awardees prior to their arrival at the CSCO Annual Meeting.

Award recipients will make their own travel arrangements. Hotel accommodations at a pre-selected hotel are reserved for award recipients and covered by the CSCO.

If an awardee is unable to attend the CSCO Annual Meeting, the award must be forfeited. If an awardee cancels his/her participation at the CSCO Annual Meeting, he/she is financially responsible for any costs incurred.

Contact Information

If you have questions related to the CSCO Young Investigator Travel Awards, contact