The Hippo Pathway: Signaling, Cancer, and Beyond

​May 8-11, 2019
Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina
San Diego, California

Conference Cochairs
Fernando Camargo, Boston Children's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
Anwesha Dey, Genentech, Inc., South San Francisco, California
Kun-Liang Guan, UCSD Moores Cancer Center, La Jolla, California

The study of developmental signaling pathways has transformed our understanding of disease. The Hippo signaling pathway is a recently recognized signaling network that controls organ size, stem cell activity, and tumorigenesis. Therefore, the Hippo cascade and its components are attractive targets for the development of regenerative medicine and cancer drugs. The emerging paradigm in the field indicates that the Hippo pathway is a central sensor of multiple biological inputs, including cell adhesion, polarity, mechanical forces, and secreted ligands. These findings highlight the unique interdisciplinary nature of the field as the work from Drosophila geneticists, mammalian signalers, bioengineers, and developmental and cancer biologists is getting integrated.

There are now emerging roles of this developmental pathway in cancer, stem cells and regeneration, inflammation, and cancer immunity. This conference aims to bring together experts from multiple fields and provide an exciting platform to discuss latest discoveries in the Hippo pathway. The program will cover multiple aspects of the Hippo pathway in cancer and beyond and will be of interest to academic researchers, physician-scientists, and those working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Special emphasis will be on progress towards targeting the Hippo pathway in cancers and highlighting why targeting this pathway is critical in a wide spectrum of cancers.