AACR Annual Meeting 2016

Vice President Joe Biden Addresses Attendees of the AACR Annual Meeting 2016

Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden addressed the cancer community at the AACR Annual Meeting 2016, during the "Highlights 2016: Vision for the Future" Plenary Session, Wednesday, April 20.

Vice President Biden addressed nearly 4,000 attendees during the AACR Annual Meeting 2016 to thank the cancer research community for devoting their lives to cancer research and to encourage them to share their ideas to more quickly accelerate progress against cancer.

Biden told the assembled scientists, “There is more brain power in this room than exists in many countries. And we need you.” He added, “You’re the very best we have.”

Biden talked about the importance of removing barriers, fostering collaboration, and re-aligning incentives in cancer research to better serve patients.

The AACR thanks Vice President Biden for attending the Annual Meeting and for his leadership in proposing the National Cancer Moonshot initiative to end cancer as we know it.

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