Engineering and Physical Sciences in Oncology

June 25-28, 2016
Westin Boston Waterfront
Boston, Massachusetts

Conference Co-chairpersons

Joan S. Brugge
, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts

Rakesh K. Jain
, Harvard Medical School & Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
Robert S. Langer
, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts


Principles of engineering and physics have been applied to oncology for nearly 50 years. Engineers and physical scientists have made contributions to all aspects of cancer biology, from quantitative understanding of tumor growth and progression to improved detection and treatment of cancer. Many efforts over the years have focused on math modeling of drug distribution, cell cycle kinetics, and tumor growth dynamics.

This past decade has witnessed exponential growth at the interface of engineering/physics and oncology, some of which has been fueled by advances in materials science, nanomedicine, microfluidics, imaging, etc., and catalyzed by new programs at NIH, including the NIBIB, Physical Sciences in Oncology, and NCI Alliance in Nanotechnology. This first AACR Special Conference will celebrate the advances made at the interface of engineering/physical sciences and oncology and explore the new frontiers in this emerging multidisciplinary field.

The AACR editors are proud to present this selection of impactful journal articles focusing on Engineering and Physical Sciences in Oncology, published from across the AACR journal portfolio.


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