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​​​2018 Minority and Minority-serving Institution Faculty Scholar in Cancer Research Awards

Anchang_MMSIF_headshots_150x190_1.jpgBenedict  Anchang, PhD
Stanford University
Abstract 2275: Individualized drug combination based on single-cell drug perturbations

Caban-Martinez_MMSIF_headshots_150x190_1.jpgAlberto J. Caban-Martinez, PhD
Assistant Professor, Public Health Sciences
University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine
Abstract 4249: Disparities in cancer screening between Latino and non-Latino firefighters: Evidence from the Sylvester Firefighter Cancer Initiative

Chew_MMSIF_headshots_150x190_1.jpgSue Anne  Chew, PhD
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Health and Biomedical Sciences
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Abstract 3719: Fabrication of chemotherapy drug temozolomide-loaded poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) microparticles by electrospraying for the treatment of glioma

Das_MMSIF_headshots_150x190_1.jpgJayanta K. Das, PhD
Research Assistant Professor, Dept. of Environmental and Occupational Health
Florida International University
Abstract 1128: Exosomal ID3 is pro-metastatic through guiding NRF1-induced breast cancer stem cells across the blood-brain-barrier

Davis_MMSIF_headshots_150x190_1.jpgClaudia M. Davis, PhD
Associate Professor and Faculty Fellow
California State University, San Bernardino
Abstract 606A: Biological predictors and the impact of cancer among African American women

Michelle DawsonMichelle R. Dawson, PhD
Assistant Professor
Brown University
Abstract 1315: Biophysics of polyploidal cancer cells in an aging stroma

De-Angelo_MMSIF_headshots_150x190_1.jpgAlejandra  De Angulo, PhD
Research Fellow, Dept. of Nutritional Sciences
University of Texas at Austin
Abstract 61: Obesity-induced T cell senescence contributes to prostate cancer progression

Gamero_MMSIF_headshots_150x190_1.jpgAna M. Gamero, PhD
Associate Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry
Temple University
Abstract 3157: p53 inactivation and STAT2 cooperate to enhance migration and metastasis of colon tumor cells

Godoy_MMSIF_headshots_150x190_1.jpgFilipa G. Godoy-Vitorino, PhD
Assistant Professor
Inter American University of Puerto Rico
Abstract 3267: Cervical microbiota and the urinary metabolome in patients with high-risk and low-risk HPV infections

Hernandez_MMSIF_headshots_150x190_1.jpgSonia L. Hernandez, PhD
Research Assistant Professor
The University of Chicago
Abstract 2055: Staphylococcus aureus alpha toxin activates Notch in endothelial cells

Imbert-Fernandez_MMSIF_headshots_150x190_1.jpgYoannis  Imbert-Fernandez, PhD
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Medicine
University of Louisville
Abstract 2305: Targeting 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase to increase the efficacy of ER and CDK4/6 inhibitors against breast cancer

Levy_MMSIF_headshots_150x190_1.jpgArkene S. Levy, PhD
Associate Professor
Nova Southeastern University
Abstract 4924: Evaluation of the efficacy of curcumin and Y15 in platinum resistant ovarian cancer cells

Medina_MMSIF_headshots_150x190_1.jpgEdward A. Medina, MD
Assistant Professor, Div. of Hematopathology
UT Health Science Center at San Antonio
Abstract 4902: Oxidized low-density lipoprotein is a potentially potent mediator of proteasome inhibitor resistance in multiple myeloma

Odero-Marah_MMSIF_headshots_150x190_1.jpgValerie Odero-Marah, PhD
Associate Professor, Dept. of Biological Sci.
Clark Atlanta University
Atlanta, Georgia
Abstract 1096: STAT3 pathway regulates the cancer-bone microenvironment interactions mediated by Snail

Parada_MMSIF_headshots_150x190_1.jpgHumberto Parada, PhD
Assistant Professor, Div. of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
San Diego State University
San Diego, California
Abstract 243: Genetic polymorphisms of diabetes-related genes, their interaction with diabetes status, and breast cancer incidence and mortality: The Long Island Breast Cancer Study Project

Pertsemlidis_MMSIF_headshots_150x190_1.jpgAlexander Pertsemlidis, PhD
Associate Professor
UT Health Science Center at San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas
Abstract 4402: MiR-195 potentiates the efficacy of microtubule-targeting agents in non-small cell lung cancer

Sareddy_MMSIF_headshots_150x190_1.jpgGangadhara Reddy Sareddy, PhD
Assistant Professor, Dept. of OB-GYN
UT Health Science Center at San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas
Abstract 5875: Development of LIFR inhibitor EC359 as a novel therapeutic for ovarian cancer

Torres-Ramos_MMSIF_headshots_150x190_1.jpgCarlos Torres Ramos, PhD
Associate Professor, Dept. of Physiology
Univ. of Puerto Rico Med. Sciences Campus
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Abstract 5041: Repair of azoxymethane-induced nuclear and mitochondrial DNA lesions in mouse liver

Trivedi_MMSIF_headshots_150x190_1.jpgMeghana V. Trivedi, PhD
Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Translational Research
University of Houston
Houston, Texas
Abstract 1926: Npy1r as a prognostic marker and a novel drug target in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer

Zabaleta_MMSIF_headshots_150x190_1.jpgJovanny Zabaleta, PhD
Associate Professor
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
New Orleans, Louisiana

Abstract 646: Immune checkpoints and inflammation in colon tumors from African Americans