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​2018 Women in Cancer Research Scholar Awards

Francesca ChemiFrancesca Chemi, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology group
Cancer Research UK Manchester Inst.
Alderley Edge, England
Abstract 5601: Single-cell molecular profiling of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) within the TRACERx study reveals heterogeneous patterns in early non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

Nina ChuNina J. Chu, BS
Graduate Student, Oncology, Pharmacology
Johns Hopkins Univ. School of Medicine
Baltimore, Maryland
Abstract 4979: Novel miRNA regulation in an early progression model of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Sarah CroessmannSarah E. Croessmann, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Hematology/Oncology
Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Ctr.
Nashville, Tennessee
Abstract 4008: Activating HER2 (ERBB2) mutations lead to endocrine therapy resistance through S6K activation

Kathleen DelGiornoKathleen E. DelGiorno, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
The Salk Institute
La Jolla, California

Abstract 992: Pancreatic tuft cells resolve injury and restrain tumorigenesis

Serena HoughtonSerena C. Houghton, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher, Biostatistics and Epidemiology
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Amherst, Massachussets

Abstract 3221: Plasma B-vitamin and one-carbon metabolites and risk of breast cancer before and after folic acid fortification in the U.S.

Xiaomeng HuangXiaomeng X. Huang, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Human Genetics
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
Abstract 2195: Temporal and spatial dynamics of metastatic colonization revealed by 26 rapid-autopsy tumor biopsies from a TNBC patient

Sarah Ostrup JensenSarah Østrup Jensen, MS
Graduate Student
Aarhus University Hospital
Brabrand, Denmark
Abstract 5604: Novel DNA methylation biomarkers show high sensitivity and specificity for blood-based detection of colorectal cancer - A clinical biomarker discovery and validation study

Salma KaocharSalma Kaochar, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, Texas
Abstract 4961: A highly potent novel class of SRC-3 inhibitors for the treatment of uveal melanoma

Utthara NayarUtthara Nayar, PhD
Research Fellow
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Boston, Massachusetts
Abstract 4952: Acquired HER2 mutations in ER+ metastatic breast cancer confer resistance to ER-directed therapies

Yarra OrenYaara Oren, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. of Cell Biology
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Boston, Massachusetts
Abstract 3301: Using a novel single-cell lineage-tracing technique to uncover the mechanisms driving nongenetic cancer relapse