CICR Election Results

Congratulations to Andrew J. Phillips, PhD, CICR Chairperson-elect 2018-2019

Our thanks to Andrew J. Phillips, PhD, and Julian Adams, PhD, for standing for election, and to the CICR membership for participating in the election. We congratulate Dr. Phillips on his election as CICR chairperson-elect. Dr. Phillips will assume the office of chairperson-elect at the AACR Annual Meeting 2018, April 14-18, in Chicago, Illinois.

Andrew J. Phillips, PhD
President and Chief Scientific Officer
C4 Therapeutics
Cambridge, Massachusetts

PhD, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

Research Interests:
I am a chemist with a passion for cancer drug discovery. Over the past 20 years, my career has traversed academia, a research institute, and biotech – all with an prominent commitment to innovation in synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and chemical biology. Currently, at C4 Therapeutics, our team is focused on bringing forward a new class of small molecule drugs – degraders – that operate by causing ubiquitination and subsequent degradation of proteins central to cancer initiation and progression. In this setting, my personal scientific interests continue to lie at the intersection of medicinal chemistry, cellular pharmacology, quantitative biochemistry, PK/PD/efficacy models, and structural biology – all now focused on targeted protein degradation. For more information please see C4T’s w​ebsite.

Proposed Goals:
My goals as chairperson-elect of the CICR are to maintain a tradition of recognizing and supporting excellence in chemistry in novel cancer therapeutics and also to expand the scope of the CICR to include the growing community of chemical biologists. In addition, I will leverage my combined academic-industrial background to advance the impact of the CICR on cancer by promoting community, cooperation, and networking across global medicinal chemistry societies and focus groups. Specific goals include:

  1. Increasing the visibility of innovative chemistry on the AACR's mission and overall scientific agenda by organizing high-quality CICR-related sessions on at AACR Annual Meetings and the NCI-EORTC-AACR Conference that integrate chemistry into broader themes e.g. synthetic immuno-oncology.
  2. Establishing a leadership role for the CICR and AACR in integrating chemical biology as a focal point for novel cancer therapeutics, novel chemical methodologies and tools, and new approaches to illuminating the underlying biology of cancer.
  3. Growing the global reach of the CICR by engaging sister organizations in the broader medicinal chemistry and chemical biology communities in the shared purpose of building a larger eco-system of scientists passionate about the role of chemistry and chemical biology in cancer. e.g. promoting joint workshops, symposia, and conferences with the Medicinal Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society and the European Federation of Medicinal Chemistry.