Golnaz Morad, DDS

Golnaz Morad, DDS
PhD Candidate, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Vascular Biology Program, Boston Children’s Hospital
​Boston Children’s Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts

​My research interests focus on understanding the interplay between tumor cells and pre-metastatic microenvironments to elucidate the early mechanisms underlying metastasis formation. Currently, I am a PhD candidate at Harvard University and am working on my dissertation research in the laboratory of Dr. Marsha Moses, Vascular Biology Program, Boston Children’s Hospital. My studies focus on elucidating the role of breast cancer-derived extracellular vesicles in the early steps of brain metastasis. I have identified the mechanisms with which breast cancer-derived extracellular vesicles breach the blood brain barrier and the functional consequences of this transport with respect to brain metastasis. We are working to translate these findings into novel theranostic approaches for early monitoring and treatment of breast cancer patients with brain metastasis. My ultimate career goal is to become an independent academic researcher, and I intend to continue my research on the initial aspects of metastasis development, with a final goal to translate our findings into more effective diagnostics and therapeutics for cancer patients.

I became an Associate member of the AACR in 2015 and attended the AACR Annual Meeting for the first time in 2017. The AACR programs aimed toward early-career scientists have really helped me define my career goals and have provided me with the guidance and support necessary to achieve these goals. I am greatly honored to serve as a member of the AACR Associate Member Council (AMC) and am looking forward to organizing programs and developing new initiatives to provide support to early-career scientists.