AACR Distinguished Lectureship in Breast Cancer Research Recipients

This lectureship recognizes an outstanding scientist whose work has inspired or has the potential to inspire new perspectives on the etiology, diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of breast cancer.

2017 Award Recipient
Jeffrey M. Rosen, PhD
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, Texas

Dr. Rosen presented his award lecture, “Leveraging Preclinical Models of Breast Cancer,” during the 40th Annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.

The AACR Distinguished Lectureship in Breast Cancer Research has been established to recognize outstanding science that has inspired or has the potential to inspire new perspectives on the etiology, diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of breast cancer.

Dr. Jeffrey M. Rosen is recognized for his outstanding leadership in breast cancer research. The AACR honors his seminal contributions to the understanding of normal mammary gland biology and alterations that occur in breast cancer.

Dr. Rosen studied chemistry at Williams College where he received a BA degree in 1966. His PhD research at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute helped elucidate the mechanisms for glucocorticoid resistance in lymphomas. His postdoctoral studies at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine under the supervision of Dr. Bert W. O’Malley were concerned with the mechanism of action of estrogen in the chick oviduct. His postdoctoral studies involved the isolation of ovalbumin mRNA and the first demonstration of steroid hormone induction of a specific mRNA. He joined the faculty of Baylor College of Medicine in 1973, and was a founder member of the first Department of Cell Biology in the USA. In 1987-88 he spent a sabbatical leave in the laboratories of Drs. George Stark and Ian Kerr at the Imperial Cancer Research Laboratories funded by an American Cancer Society Scholar Grant, where he participated in early studies to elucidate the mechanisms of interferon action that helped lead to the discovery of the Jak/Stat pathway. 

Dr. Rosen is currently a distinguished service professor, the vice-chair and the C.C. Bell professor of molecular and cellular biology and medicine at Baylor College of Medicine. He was the recipient of two MERIT awards from the National Cancer Institute on a grant entitled, “Hormonal Regulation of Breast Cancer” currently in its 41st year of consecutive funding. His laboratory has authored 287 publications and book chapters. He is the PI on the CPRIT BCM Comprehensive Cancer Training Program. Previously he served as the co-director and director of the BCM Medical Scientist Training Program. Dr. Rosen has trained 33 graduate students and 45 postdoctoral fellows many of whom are now faculty at major academic institutions in the USA and abroad. 

Dr. Rosen has received the Marc Dresden Excellence in Graduate Education Award, the Barbara and Corbin J. Robertson Jr. Presidential Award for Excellence in Education at BCM, the Endocrine Society Edwin B. Astwood Lecture Award, the Michael E. DeBakey, MD, Excellence in Research Award, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Brinker Basic Science Award, and the AACR Distinguished Lectureship in Breast Cancer Research. He was recently designated as an AAAS Fellow. Dr. Rosen is a Susan G. Komen Scholar, and the co-leader of Breast Program of the Dan L. Duncan NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center.

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