AACR Project GENIE: Governance

The project is governed by a steering committee, with a representative from each of the participating institutions, one of whom is chairperson. The AACR chief executive officer or his or her designee, the AACR president or his or her designee, and a member of the AACR Science Policy and Government Affairs and Clinical and Translational Cancer Research Committees also serve on the project steering committee. The steering committee reports to an external advisory board, and the AACR board of directors.  The Steering Committee comprises of a representative from each of the 19 participating institutions.  The Executive Committee comprises of a smaller set of voting members that handle more time-sensitive decisions. 

Steering Committee

  • Charles L. Sawyers, MD, Chairperson (2019 -2021)*
  • Fabrice André, MD, PhD
  • Philippe Bedard, MD*
  • Raymond N. DuBois, MD, PhD*
  • Margaret Foti, PhD (hc)
  • Gerrit A. Meijer, MD, PhD
  • Barrett J. Rollins, MD, PhD*
  • Laura J. van ’t Veer, PhD
  • Victor E. Velculescu, MD, PhD*
  • Marilyn Li, MD*
  • Jeremy P. Segal, MD, PhD
  • Michael Datto, MD, PhD
  • Umit Topaloglu, PhD*
  • Richard D. Carvajal, MD
  • Thomas D. Brown, MD, MBA*
  • Walter J. Urba, MD, PhD
  • Birgit Nimmervoll, PhD
  • Rodrigo Dienstmann, MD
  • Eric Alejandro Sweet-Cordero, MD
  • Janina A. Longtine, MD
                                                                       * also serves on the Executive Committee


  • Data Use and Publications
  • Membership and Participation
  • Pediatric Oncology
  • Operations Committee
  • Security

Coordinating Center

  • Shawn M. Sweeney, PhD
  • Jocelyn A. Lee, PhD, MPH
  • Seth Sheffler-Collins, MPH
  • Nicole M. Peters