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AACR-Cancer Research Institute Lloyd J. Old Award in Cancer Immunology

Nomination Status Open
Nomination Deadline 09/19/2018
Generously Supported By The Cancer Research Institute


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  • The AACR-CRI Lloyd J. Old Award in Cancer Immunology recognizes an active scientist whose outstanding and innovative research in cancer immunology has had a far-reaching impact on the
    cancer field.
  • The winner of the award will receive an honorarium of $10,000, present a lecture during the AACR Annual Meeting, and be provided support to attend the AACR Annual Meeting with his or her spouse, partner, or significant other.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Award is open to a cancer immunologist who is affiliated with any institution involved in cancer research, cancer medicine, or cancer-related biomedical science anywhere in the world. Such institutions include those in academia, industry, or government.
  • A candidate will be considered on the basis of his or her outstanding and innovative research, which has had a major impact on the cancer field, and which has the potential to stimulate new directions in cancer immunology. All areas of cancer immunology will be considered for this award.
  • Candidate must currently maintain an active research program, have a record of recent publications, and present an exciting Award Lecture at the Annual Meeting.
  • The award will be presented to an individual investigator.
  • Institutions and organizations are not eligible for the award.

Contact Information

Nomination Procedure

Nominations may be made by any scientist, whether an AACR member on nonmember, who is now or has been affiliated with any institution involved in cancer research, cancer medicine, or cancer-related biomedical science. A candidate may not nominate himself or herself.

Nominations must be submitted online at by Wednesday, September 19, 2018. Paper nominations cannot be accepted.

Nomination materials to be submitted are:

1) Nomination Letter. The letter must:

  • be addressed to the Selection Committee, be written in English, and not exceed 1,000 words;

  • specify the AACR award for which the candidate is being nominated;

  • contain a concise description of the candidate's highly significant and innovative research, and the stimulation of new directions in cancer immunology, with the publications supporting these accomplishments directly referenced within the letter;

  • contain a concise description of the impact of these accomplishments in the cancer field; and

  • be signed with a handwritten signature by the nominator(s).

2) Candidate's CV. The candidate's curriculum vitae in English, including a complete list of the candidate's publications.

3) Summary Statement. A statement, no more than 50 words, summarizing the candidate's research accomplishments for which he or she is being nominated.

See the Program Guidelines and Nomination Instructions for complete details.

Adobe Reader.

Selection Process

​Candidates will be considered by an Award Selection Committee composed of members nominated by both the Cancer Research Institute and the AACR. After careful deliberation by the committee, its recommendations will be forwarded to the Executive Committee of the AACR for final consideration and decision. Selection of the award recipient will be made on the basis of the candidate's scientific accomplishments without regard to race, gender, nationality, geographic location, or religious or political views.