Brigitte C. Widemann, MD
AACR-Joseph H. Burchenal Award for Outstanding Achievement in Clinical Cancer Research

Brigitte C. Widemann, MD

Chief, Pediatric Oncology Branch
Head, Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Section
Senior Investigator and Deputy Director Center for Cancer Research National Cancer Institute
Bethesda, Maryland

For relentless and seminal contributions to the understanding of genetic cancer predisposition, the development of novel therapies for predisposition syndromes and rare pediatric cancers, and unwavering leadership of clinical trials including those that have resulted in FDA approval of the first-in-class MEK inhibitor, selumetinib for the treatment of neurofibromatosis type 1 tumors.

The AACR and Bristol-Myers Squibb established this award in 1996 to recognize outstanding achievements in clinical cancer research. The award honors Dr. Joseph H. Burchenal, honorary member and past president of the AACR, and a major figure in clinical cancer research. To learn more, please visit the press release.

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