Kelsey Huntington, BS

Kelsey Huntington, BS

Graduate Student

Brown University

ProvidenceRhode Island

My research in Dr. Wafik El-Deiry’s lab involves discovering ways to therapeutically modulate the tumor microenvironment to promote anti-tumor immunity. Such therapy could promote therapeutic efficacy of checkpoint inhibition by recruiting and activating immune cells in the tumor microenvironment through modulation of cytokine, chemokine, and growth factor profiles. After my PhD, I hope to impact the field of cancer drug discovery by developing novel treatments for patients with liquid or solid tumors.

Poster 2930: GSK3β inhibition by small molecule 9-ING-41 decreases VEGF and other cytokines, and boosts NK and T cell-mediated killing of colorectal tumor cells

Poster 3974: Decreasing colorectal cancer extracellular pH dampens immune cell killing and is partially ameliorated by treatment with NHE1 inhibitor Cariporide