Luisjesus S. Cruz, MS, BS

Luisjesus S. Cruz, MS, BS

Graduate Student
San Diego State University
San Diego, California

Abstract 901. Sox2 and Oct4 activity identify CSC populations in ovarian cancer.

What are your long-term career objectives?

My career goal is to be an educator, supporter, and mentor of underrepresented minorities in STEM, with an emphasis on the recruitment of these students in the stem cell and cancer research fields. As an underrepresented minority student in STEM, I have been fortunate to come across opportunities that encouraged me to pursue a career in regenerative medicine and cancer research; however, I believe it is my responsibility to now provide the same opportunities to other underrepresented students. Ultimately, I hope to be a professor and a principal investigator at a four-year university working in cancer research.  

Please share information about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted your research over the last two years.

Over the last couple of years, COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we do science but more specifically it has changed the dynamics of mentorship. Having to be remote for some part really decreased the interactions we had without mentors, professors, and classmates. I hope that in the near future we can go back to working closely together and develop as a community of scientists.