Martine F. Roussel, PhD, FAACR
AACR-Women in Cancer Research Charlotte Friend Lectureship

Martine F. Roussel, PhD, FAACR

Member, St. Jude Faculty
Endowed Chair in Molecular Oncogenesis
Chair, Erasmus University of Sciences, Paris, VII France and St. Jude Exchange Program
Professor, Department of Molecular Sciences, UT Memphis
Memphis, Tennessee

For pivotal and enormous contributions to the understanding of childhood brain cancers, especially medulloblastoma, specifically highlighting how developmental pathways and cell cycle regulatory proteins, including cyclin dependent kinases and their inhibitors, are capable of regulating central nervous system function and brain tumor initiation and progression.

The AACR-Women in Cancer Research Charlotte Friend Lectureship was established in 1998 in honor of renowned virologist and discoverer of the Friend virus, Charlotte Friend, PhD, for her pioneering research on viruses, cell differentiation, and cancer. This lectureship recognizes an outstanding female or male scientist who has made meritorious contributions to the field of cancer research and who has, through leadership or by example, furthered the advancement of women in science. To learn more, please visit the press release.

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