Mayra Carneiro, MS, BS

Mayra Carneiro, MS, BS

PhD Candidate
University of Montreal
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

What are your long-term goals? 

I have been working in the onco-immunology field since my bachelor’s degree. I am particularly interested in understanding how the immune cells adapt to frequent antigen stimulation and how this event results in the development of lymphoid aggregates in the tumor microenvironment. My long-term goal is to build expertise in multiomics approaches and establish models to study the adaptation of the immune system to frequent stressful conditions.  

Please share information about how the pandemic has impacted your research over the last two years. 

During the pandemia, I had the chance to analyze the scRNA-seq data I submitted a few weeks before the outbreak. In this aspect, it didn’t compromise my project, although I delayed validating our discoveries. The pandemia also impacted the interaction with other research groups in conferences, a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and accelerate research.