Peter F. DelNero, PhD, MPH

Peter F. DelNero, PhD, MPH

Cancer Prevention Fellow, Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences 
National Cancer Institute
Bethesda, Maryland

I am a postdoc in the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences at the National Cancer Institute. My research portfolio involves implementation science, community engagement, and biomedical engineering.

As a trainee in physical siences-oncology, I learned the benefit of transdisciplinary research. With Dr. Claudia Fischbach, I studied the connections between vasculature and tumor metabolism. Our team developed “tumor-on-a-chip” devices to assess how cancer cells interact with their microenvironment. Ultimately, this research could help predict whether a patient is likely to benefit from drugs that target a specific metabolic pathway.

In addition to technical contributions, I appreciate interacting with people who are affected by cancer. With Mr. Bob Riter and the Cancer Resource Center of the Finger Lakes, I helped establish a partnership to connect cancer survivors and biomedical trainees. The program created a special community, where participants exchange ideas, experiences, and perspectives. These relationships improve our understanding of cancer, and our ability to make a positive difference.

I am currently a postdoc with the Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program. I completed a bachelors in chemical engineering at Vanderbilt, masters in public health at Harvard, and PhD in biomedical engineering at Cornell. My articles appeared in Nature Protocols, Science Translational Medicine, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, and Biomaterials.