Ritu Dave

Ritu Dave

Washington University in St. Louis
St. Louis, Missouri

Abstract 168. DDR2 regulates angiogenesis via HSP-90 modulation in ovarian cancer. 

What are your long-term career goals?  

After college, I hope to join an MD/PhD program where I can earn a PhD in cancer biology. Eventually, I would like to be a principal investigator in my own research lab where I can investigate the mechanisms behind cancer progression and therapeutic resistance. I would also like to be involved in translational studies where I can bring knowledge from basic science research to patient populations in need. I’m grateful for the mentorship and support I’ve received in the Fuh lab.   

Please share information about how the pandemic has impacted your research over the last two years.  

Because I was interested in basic science research, which is nearly impossible to conduct remotely, finding a research lab during the pandemic was difficult. However, since joining my current lab, I have managed to work with the new COVID policies and continue to conduct productive research.