Stephanie Pitts, BA

Stephanie Pitts, BA

Graduate Student
John Hopkins University School of Medicine
Baltimore, Maryland

Abstract 678. Identification of an E3 ligase regulating the catalytic subunit of RNA polymerase I.

What are your long-term career objectives?

I would like to head a translational cancer research lab. I am interested in better understanding the molecular basis of cancer in order to develop more effective treatment options. After completing my PhD this summer, I hope to continue this translational research as a postdoctoral fellow and then start my own lab.

Please share information about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted your research over the last two years.

The COVID-19 pandemic shut down university labs for three months, so I was unable to perform experiments during that time. When we re-opened, the labs were staffed in shifts or at very low density. The safety precautions made it difficult to talk to people on other floors, which reduced the spontaneous collaborations that could spring up out of conversations. The pandemic, and the resulting labor shortage, have also led to long delays in receiving supplies. However, I am fortunate that my university had a strong re-opening plan, complete with easy access to COVID testing and vaccines. Aside from the initial three-month shut-down, I have been in the lab every day as usual.