Valery A. Chavez, PhD

Valery A. Chavez, PhD

Assistant Scientist
University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center
Miami, Florida

Abstract 95. In vitro, in vivo and molecular effects of triptolide and minnelide in renal cell.

What are your long-term career objectives?

The most important achievements in cancer research come from a team effort, that is why my long-term objectives are concentrated on establishing collaborations in the cancer research community, that provide better approaches in the cancer cure field, and AACR annual meeting is a big opportunity to establish a good network in kidney and colon cancer which are my expertise areas. In the long term, my publications and the impact of my transnational work hopefully will conduce me to be a Full Professor changing lives with new and promising therapies.

Please share information about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted your research over the last two years.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, our lab was very impacted because we had to stop the whole work and new projects conducted by me were considerably delayed especially after I was diagnosed with COVID-19. After I recovered, we restarted the work even considering the problems with the lab supplies chain.