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Session Formats

The scientific program for the 2021 Virtual Workshop will consists of six main educational formats to serve a variety of didactic and training needs: 

  • Collaborative Teams are small teams of five students who collaborate and work together throughout the workshop during discussion sessions and hands-on computer exercises using online tools. These groups provide a practical experience of team science and collaboration across different fields.  
  • Lecture Sessions focus on specific topics of interest to all participants. These sessions provide participants with an essential overview of the field and of the principles of integrative molecular epidemiology. At the 2021 Virtual Workshop, lectures will be available to view in one of two formats.  
    • On-Demand Lectures will be available approximately two weeks prior to the start of live virtual activities. On-demand lectures are paired with Meet-the-Experts Sessions, which take place during the live virtual activities of the workshop. 
    • Live Lecture Sessions take place during the live virtual activities of the workshop. Live lectures are interactive and incorporate faculty-attendee interaction, large and small group discussions, and hands-on computer exercises throughout.  
  • Meet-the-Experts Sessions are paired with on-demand lectures to provide attendees with the opportunity to engage with each other and faculty to address any questions from and promote discussion on the prerequisite lecture recordings. During these sessions, attendees are also encouraged to ask more detailed questions about the application of integrative molecular epidemiology approaches and tools to their own research questions and study design. The Meet-the-Experts Sessions will be held during the live virtual activities of the workshop. 
  • Hands-on Computer Exercises and Small Group Discussions are incorporated into the live lecture sessions. Hands-on computer exercises provide attendees with practice and experience using online databases and tools. Workshop attendees may work individually or with their collaborative team during these exercises. Small group discussions will provide additional opportunities to explore the concepts and examples introduced during the live lectures.
  • Applied Research Seminars take place during the live virtual activities of the workshop and highlight some of the most innovative research using integrative molecular epidemiology approaches.  
  • Networking and Professional Development Roundtables provide time for advice on career development as well as an opportunity to network with faculty and other workshop attendees with similar research interests.