Scientist↔Survivor Program Materials

Welcome Class of 2020

Congratulations on being selected to participate in the Scientist<->Survivor Program (SSP) at the Annual Meeting 2020. Below you will find materials relevant to your participation. (Only highlighted links are available for viewing.) If you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email

Advocate Participant Kit

Participant LISTING


The agenda will be updated weekly. The final agenda will be distributed on site. Please visit the conference webpage for the full conference agenda.

Poster Session

Poster abstracts/descriptions found in the application will automatically be listed in the program supplement. All advocates will receive their poster assignments one week before the conference. 

See below for examples of past posters:

Reading Recommendations

Below are a few articles suggested by researchers. Please check periodically as more articles will be added.


All participants are required to submit a written document about how they will utilize the information learned from their experience at the Scientist<->Survivor Program. Details to come.

Facebook Group

The AACR has a Facebook group dedicated to the advocates affiliated with AACR. It’s a place to share ideas, events, stories, or just ‘meetup’ with old friends. Join the group and don’t forget to introduce yourself.

Reimbursement Form

All reimbursement forms must be sent with receipts. No receipts, no reimbursement.

Advocate Participation Evaluation

The evaluation link will be submitted on the last day of the meeting. It is imperative to complete the evaluation to improve the program for future attendees. If we do not receive an evaluation, you will not be eligible for an upcoming program.

Survivor and Patient Advocacy Survey

AACR is interested in hearing from our advocates about survivorship and how we can best support them in their advocacy work. Take a few minutes and complete the survey if you haven’t done so.

Last updated: 3/5/2020