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An Encouraging Message from the AMC

Early-career researchers serve a unique and vital role in scientific research, and unfortunately, we are some of the most vulnerable during this global crisis. Within the AACR, early career researchers account for one of the largest membership groups. Currently, there more than 21,000 Associate members that collectively incorporate graduate students, medical students and residents, and clinical and postdoctoral fellows who are in educational or training programs.

As the Associate Member Council (AMC), we serve as the representative body for this group of Associate members and provide input to the AACR leadership on how the AACR can best support early career researchers. Additionally, an important role of the AMC is to advocate for opportunities and initiatives that are specifically focused on the needs of AACR Associate members.

Given the recent unprecedented challenges that have faced many early career researchers as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important now, more than ever, to be an Associate member and take advantage of the many member benefits. As Associate members of the AACR, opportunities are available to support our career development during this unique time. The AACR has provided exceptional development and learning opportunities for all members, including trainees, before the pandemic, and during this crisis it has continued to develop new training opportunities to address the unmet needs of researchers. Although in-person conferences and workshops have been canceled because of health and safety concerns, the AACR has continued to work diligently to shift certain in-person conferences to a virtual platform. To learn which conferences have been transitioned to a virtual platform, please visit the AACR Meetings and Workshop Calendar. Furthermore, there are now virtual journal clubs available for select AACR journals, such as Cancer Discovery and Blood Discovery. Recordings of the Virtual Journal Club are available through the AACR Vimeo. We invite you to continue to connect and take advantage of the many opportunities available. With the COVID-19 pandemic transforming our personal and professional lives, there still remain ways to continue to develop and improve cancer care.

The AACR recognizes the disproportionate impact that the COVD-19 crisis is having and will continue to have on early career researchers, and has developed several resources to support their development. The AACR offers funding opportunities for joint fellowships supporting research experiences in both academia and industry and fellowships to conduct clinical research in industry. The AACR also offers grants for postdoctoral and clinical research fellows. Learn more about current and upcoming funding opportunities. 

  • Associate members in good standing are permitted to sponsor a Late-breaking Abstract, detailing highly significant and timely findings in any area of cancer research that was not available at the time of the regular abstract deadline, for the meeting. The Late-breaking Abstract Submission deadline is January 11, 2021. Learn more about Annual Meeting Late-breaking Abstract Submissions.
  • AACR Annual Meeting 2021 Registration is now open. Meeting registration includes access to both weeks of the Annual Meeting as well as on-demand access to all sessions through Monday, June 21. Register early by January 15, 2021, to receive significantly reduced registration rates. Learn more about the AACR Annual Meeting 2021 registration process.
  • Professional Advancement Sessions Series are an integral part of the AACR experience. The AACR is working to develop virtual Professional Advancement Sessions for early-career researchers to be accessible throughout the year. Be on the lookout for these member exclusive professional advancement sessions. Learn more about current professional advancement sessions to be held during the AACR Annual Meeting 2021.
  • AACR Early-career Hill Day is an event where Associate members have the chance to travel to Washington D.C. to advocate for predictable and sustained funding for biomedical researchers. Learn more about this fantastic opportunity that brings trainees from across the nation to meet with our policymakers and congressional leadership in Washington, D.C. In essence, trainees can promote the goals of the AACR and our cancer research efforts directly to our policymakers for real change.
  • Nominations to serve on the AACR Associate Member Council (AMC) are announced every fall. Learn more about the application process and the duties of the AMC.

The AACR and AMC are continually working to develop new opportunities for early-career researchers. These opportunities are regularly communicated to Associate members as soon as information becomes available. Don’t forget to explore the Associate Member webpage, read the AACR Alerts emails, follow and engage with members of the AMC on social media, and hopefully come out and meet us in person at a future AACR Annual Meeting.

One great thing about Associate membership is that AACR does not require annual dues for Associate members. If you are reading this and can think of some of your friends or colleagues who would benefit from some of the opportunities and information we’ve mentioned here, please consider sending them a quick email to encourage them to become an Associate member now! No matter where in the world you are developing your cancer research career, we strongly encourage you and your colleagues to become an Associate member and avail yourself of these opportunities. It is a great time to start learning about all the great things going on for early-career researchers within the AACR!

AACR Associate Member Council 2020-2021