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Associate Member Council History

In 1988, the AACR recognized the importance of cultivating the next generation of cancer researchers by establishing the associate member category of membership. The board of directors later sought to further initiate an ongoing dialogue between associate members and the AACR leadership to ensure that the current and future professional needs of early-career scientists would be met. Thus, the Associate Member Council was established by AACR President Dr. Lee W. Wattenberg (approved in 1993; first meeting held in 1996) to serve as a link between the board and Associate members, and to contribute to the development of AACR programs in a substantive way.

Over the ensuing three years, the AACR sought nominations for positions on the newly formed council and worked to develop a mission and goals. In 1996, the first council took office, and was led by Co-chairpersons, Dr. John Alton Copland of the University of Texas Medical Branch and Dr. Christopher P. Evans of the University of California, Davis. Dr. Copland’s leadership was instrumental in the council receiving the support of its charter sponsor, Aflac Incorporated of Columbus, Georgia.


Robert T. Jones, ChairpersonBianca N. Islam
Maeve Mullooly, Chairperson-electFaruk Mohammed
Allison S. Betof-Warner, Past ChairpersonGolnaz Morad
Kristin G. AndersonChirag B. Patel
Francesco CaiazzaCaroline N. Smith
Andreana N. Holowatyj


Allison S. Betof-Warner, ChairpersonFrancis W. Hunter
Kenneth Dutton-Regester, Past ChairpersonRobert T. Jones
Brian J. AbrahamFaruk Mohammed
Kristin G. AndersonMaeve Mullooly
Renée de LeeuwChirag B. Patel
Andreana N. HolowatyjNeil Vasan


Kenneth Dutton-Regester, ChairpersonKatherine L. Jameson
Allison S. Betof-Warner, Chairperson-electRobert T. Jones
Diana M. Merino, Past ChairpersonMaeve Mullooly
Brian J. AbrahamNardin N. Samuel
Renée de LeeuwShane R. Stecklein
Kelsey R. HamptonKekoa A. Taparra
Francis W. HunterNeil Vasan


Diana M. Merino, ChairpersonKatherine L. Jameson
Kenneth Dutton-Regester, Chairperson-electSelena Lin
Mark D. Stewart, Past ChairpersonMaeve Mullooly
Brian J. AbrahamColles O. Price
Allison S. Betof-WarnerNardin N. Samuel
Wenji GuoShane R. Stecklein
Francis W. HunterKekoa A. Taparra


Mark D. Stewart, ChairpersonSelena Lin
Diana M. Merino, Chairperson-electColles O. Price
Michelle Kinder, Past Chairperson Richard (Rick) L. Price, III
Kenneth Dutton-RegesterNardin N. Samuel
Alexandra Joelle GreenbergShane R. Stecklein
Wenji GuoKekoa A. Taparra
Katherine L. Jameson 


Michelle Kinder, ChairpersonSelena Lin
Mark D. Stewart, Chairperson-electShih-Wen (Wenny) Lin
Kerry L. Reed, Past ChairpersonDiana M. Merino
Kenneth Dutton-RegesterColles O. Price
Alexandra Joelle Greenberg Richard (Rick) L. Price, III
Wenji GuoMarijn T.M. van Jaarsveld
Takashi KobayashiAnna Woloszynska-Read


Kerry L. Reed, ChairpersonAngelina I. Londoño-Joshi
Michelle Kinder, Chairperson-electDiana M. Merino
Jessica N. Clague Dehart, Past Chairperson Richard (Rick) L. Price III
Alexandra Joelle GreenbergMark D. Stewart
Geraldine GueronMarijn T.M. van Jaarsveld
Takashi KobayashiAnna Woloszynska-Read
Shih-Wen (Wenny) Lin 


Jessica N. Clague Dehart, Chairperson Charles G. Knutson
Kerry L. Reed, Chairperson-electShih-Wen (Wenny) Lin
Aime F. Franco, Past ChairpersonAngelina I. Londono Joshi
Thomas M. BodenstineAnirban P. Mitra
Geraldine GueronMarijn T.M. van Jaarsveld
Takashi KobayashiAnna Woloszynska-Read
Michelle Kinder 


Aime F. Franco, ChairpersonMichelle Kinder
Jessica N. Clague Dehart, Chairperson-elect Charles G. Knutson
Krista A. Zanetti, Past ChairpersonAngelina I. Londono Joshi
Jennifer M. Bailey LundbergAnirban P. Mitra
Thomas M. BodenstineFreddy T. Nguyen
Geraldine GueronKerry L. Reed
Vijayvel JayaprakashPaul M. Weinberger


Krista A. Zanetti, ChairpersonJames G. Jackson
Aime F. Franco, Chairperson-electVijayvel Jayaprakash
Kimberly Brown Dahlman, Past ChairpersonJose A. Karam
Angela AlexanderCharles G. Knutson