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MICR Virtual Professional Advancement Session: Successful Keys to Navigating Public and Private Partnerships

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Nadine J. Barrett, PhD, Duke University, Durham, NC
Mariana C. Stern, PhD, USC, Los Angeles, CA
Clayton C. Yates, PhD, Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL

The Professional Advancement Session has the goal of facilitating networking and the exchange of strategies for professional development among individuals representing academia, industry, government and the community.  This professional advancement session will provide an overview of opportunities for those in academia to partner with industry, as well as explore potential careers in the industry setting. In addition, we will discuss opportunities for careers in nonprofit organizations and potential collaborations in this setting. Our panel includes experts in the industry and nonprofit fields, who will be able to illustrate different opportunities and personal experiences, and answer questions from the audience. The goal of this session is to provide a forum for interactive discussions and offer strategies for early stage investigators or established investigators interested in partnering with organizations outside of academia.

Mariana C. Stern, PhD, USC, Los Angeles, CA

Advancing Inclusive Research in the Era of Personalized Healthcare
Gerren K. Wilson, PharmD, Genentech, South San Francisco, CA

Partnerships Between Industry and Academia:  Collaborations for Research and Development
Candia L. Brown, Thermo Fischer Scientific, South San Francisco, CA

Career Transitioning from Academia to Nonprofit
Elvan Daniels, MD, MPH, American Cancer Society, Atlanta, GA

Panel Discussion
Moderator:  Nadine J. Barrett, PhD and Clayton C. Yates, PhD

Closing Remarks
Mariana C. Stern, PhD, USC, Los Angeles, CA

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