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May Awareness Recognition

Each month, the AACR aims to raise awareness about various cancer-related topics and celebrates the many dedicated members around the world who are making significant contributions to the field. AACR members stand united in the global conquest of cancer. Not a member? Join today! 

National Cancer Research Month

The AACR initiated National Cancer Research Month to highlight the importance of lifesaving research to the millions of people around the world affected by the collection of devastating diseases we call cancer. The AACR is extremely appreciative to the many members, in various areas and at all stages in their careers, who are working conquer this disease. Join the AACR and learn more about the many member-exclusive benefits such as funding and awards opportunities, career development resources, and much more. Become a member and spread the awareness #NCRM22 #CancerResearchSavesLives.

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Oncology Nurses/-ing Month

The AACR recognizes May as Oncology Nurses Month. We celebrate the dedication and contributions of nurses as they work and support patients fighting this disease. The AACR encourages oncology nurses to join as Affiliate memberships.  Become an AACR member today.

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Bladder Cancer Awareness Month

The AACR recognizes May as Bladder Cancer Awareness Month. Bladder cancer is among the most common type of cancers in men. A recent article published in the AACR journal, Cancer Prevention Research, highlights the relationship between family history and the risk of bladder cancer.  Active members receive a free journal subscription with membership, and all additional membership categories receive reduced subscription rates to AACR Journals. Visit myAACR to become a member or renew your membership today!


National Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month

May is National Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Protection Month. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer diagnosed in the United States. As we get closer to the summer months, it’s important to remember that many cases of skin cancer, including melanoma, could be avoided by better protecting the skin from overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Learn more about how you can prevent exposure in our annually published AACR Cancer Progress Report.

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Brain Tumor Cancer Awareness Month/Action Week

May is Brain Tumor Cancer Awareness Month. More than any other cancer, brain tumors can have lasting and life-altering physical, cognitive, and psychological impacts on a patient’s life. Join the AACR for the special conference, Brain Cancer, to learn how to integrate rapidly developing advances in cancer therapy, in order to gain in-depth understanding on the unique environment of CNS tumors, and develop novel therapeutic and prevention strategies for both primary and secondary brain cancer.

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Melanoma Monday

On Melanoma Monday, May 2, 2022, we raise awareness of the symptoms, causes, and prevention of the disease. Although melanoma represents less than 5 percent of the skin cancer cases diagnosed in the United States each year, it results in the most deaths. The AACR-Ocular Melanoma Foundation Fellowship represents a joint effort to encourage and support a postdoctoral or clinical research fellow to conduct ocular/uveal melanoma research and establish a successful career path in ophthalmology, ocular oncology, uveal melanoma biology, or a similar field. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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Women’s Health Week (May 8-14)

Women’s Health Week is May 8-14 and a time to focus on and prioritize improving the health of women and girls.

The AACR recognizes May 8 as World Ovarian Cancer Day. Each year the AACR organizes a variety of special conferences, meetings, and workshops to advance our understanding of specific cancer research areas, including ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer accounts for 2.5 percent of cancers in women and is the fifth leading cause of cancer-related death among women.

May 9 is Women’s Check-up Day. Act now and plan your health visits, exams, and screenings. Routine check-ups with your healthcare provider are an essential part of preventative care and can help you manage your health throughout the year. AACR-Women in Cancer Research (WICR) supports the overall health and wellbeing of women and encourages cancer prevention screenings for all. Become a member of WICR today! 


World No-Tobacco Day (May 31)

The AACR supports World No-Tobacco Day on May 31 and the importance of eliminating tobacco use.  Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of premature mortality, killing more than five million people worldwide every year. It has a particularly profound impact on cancer incidence and mortality, as tobacco use is causally associated with 18 different cancers and accounts for 30 percent of all cancer deaths.  Tobacco product use is started and established primarily during adolescence.  According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention: If cigarette smoking continues at the current rate among youth in this country, 5.6 million of today’s Americans younger than 18 will die early from a smoking-related illness. That’s about 1 of every 13 Americans aged 17 years or younger who are alive today.  

With approximately 2,500 undergraduate and high school Student members in the AACR, students are encouraged to spread the word about the dangers of all forms of tobacco use including cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vaping, and hookah.

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