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CICR Election Results

Congratulations to Joachim Rudolph, PhD,
CICR Chairperson-elect 2020-2021

Our thanks to Joachim Rudolph, PhD, and Zoran Rankovic, PhD, for standing for election, and to the CICR membership for participating in the election. We congratulate Dr. Rudolph on his election as CICR chairperson-elect. Dr. Rudolph will assume the office of chairperson-elect at the AACR Annual Meeting 2020, April 24-29, in San Diego, California.

Joachim Rudolph, PhD

Joachim Rudolph, PhD

Principal Scientist, Discovery Chemistry with joint appointment in Discovery Oncology (Biology)
Genentech Inc.
South San Francisco, California

PhD, Organic Chemistry
Max-Planck Institute Muelheim / University of Bochum, Germany

Other Positions Currently Held
SAB Member, Chemical Probes Portal, 2016-
EAB Member, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2015-
Editor, ACS Med Chem Reviews, 2014-

Research Interests/Vision Statement
I am honored to have been elected as CICR chairperson-elect 2020-2021. I am a medicinal chemist with 22 years of international drug discovery experience, and over the course of my career at Genentech and Bayer, I have led multiple early- and late-stage cancer drug discovery projects. Discovering medicines that can make a difference in cancer patients’ lives is an incredible opportunity, and it is also a tremendous responsibility to remain at the forefront of cutting edge science and discovery research. We have it in our hands as medicinal chemists to leverage a multitude of novel drug modalities and technologies to attack the most difficult oncology drug targets.

The CICR plays a crucial role in advocating chemistry as a central discipline in the drug discovery process. I believe that fostering cross-functional collaboration and knowledge exchange is critically important to successfully drive the innovation needed for the challenges that lie ahead of us. I am particularly interested in the area of small-molecule probes for target validation, and I joined the Chemical Probes Portal as an SAB Member and am an inaugural member of the CICR Probes Expert group. I am proud of my service as a CICR Steering Committee Member (2014-2016) and have continued to participate in CICR initiatives beyond that term, that now will include the role of CICR chair-elect.