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June 2020: New Drugs on the Horizon
February 2020: Targeted protein degradation

November 2019 : Kinase inhibitors
August 2019: Emerging druggable targets
May 2019: Antibody-drug conjugates
February 2019: Molecular imaging

November 2018: Nanomedicine
August 2018: Metabolic regulation of epigenetics
June 2018: Rational drug design
February 2018: Immunotherapy

November 2017: RAS: A challenging target
August 2017: The ubiquitin proteasome system
May 2017: Structure-based drug design
February 2017: Targeting transcription

November 2016: Targeted Drug Discovery
August 2016: The gamma-Glutamyl Cycle: an over-50 years controversy
May 2016: Cancer Metabolism
February 2016: Molecular Diagnostics

November 2015: Clinical Drug Formulation
August 2015: Exploiting protein-protein interactions for therapeutic intervention
June 2015: CICR at the AACR Annual Meeting 2015
February 2015: Personalized cancer treatments/ADCs

November 2014: Pancreatic Cancer Chemistry
August 2014: Biomarker Research
June 2014: CICR at the AACR Annual Meeting 2014
February 2014: Multidisciplinary cancer drug discovery