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CICR Newsletter: Early-career Researcher Profile Archives

The CICR Editorial Board was pleased to profile the below researchers in past CICR Newsletters and wish them continued success.

June 2020: Brian Lanman: New Drugs on the Horizon
February 2020: Erika Araujo: Targeted protein degradation

November 2019: Chandra Miduturu: Kinase Inhibitors
August 2019: Thomas Maimone, Molecular Cancer
May 2019: Kyoji Tsuchikama, Antibody drug conjugates
February 2019 (senior): Carolyn J. Anderson, Diagnostic imaging and targeted radionuclide cancer
February 2019 (early-career): Brian M. Zeglis, Radiochemistry and molecular imaging

November 2018 (senior): Robert S. Langer, Nanomedicine advances in cancer
November 2018 (early-career): Matthias Stephan, Nanomedicine advances in cancer
August 2018: Kabirul Islam, Epigenetics and metabolism
June 2018: Steven T. Staben, Research in small molecule therapeutics
February 2018: David A. Spiegel, Immunotherapies in cancer

November 2017: Jonathan Ostrem, Inhibition of RAS
August 2017: Alessio Ciulli, Ubiquitin proteasome system
May 2017: Rommie E. Amaro, Drug Design
February 2017: William Pomerantz, Targeting transcription