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SU2C-LUNGevity-American Lung Association Lung Cancer Interception Dream Team: Intercept Lung Cancer Through Immune, Imaging, & Molecular Evaluation (InTIME)

Steven Dubinett, MD

Steven Dubinett, MD

Professor of Medicine, Pathology and Molecular and Medical Pharmacology
Director of the Division of Pulmonary Medicine and the Clinical Translational Science Institute
University of California, Los Angeles

Avrum Spira, MD

Avrum Spira, MD

Professor of Medicine, Pathology and Bioinformatics
Director of the Boston University-Boston Medical Center (BU-BMC) Cancer Center


The team has organized unique groups of patient populations with signs of lung cancer risk and has assembled a collection of blood and tissue specimens from these patients. The team seeks to understand how early lung cancer develops.  They are creating a molecular atlas of pre-cancer of the lung. They are also developing diagnostic tools that can be directly applied in the clinic for simple, yet accurate, detection of early lung cancer: 1) nasal swabs, blood samples and radiological imaging to confirm whether lung abnormalities found on chest imaging are lung cancer or benign lung disease; 2) blood tests to identify patients at the earliest stages of lung cancer recurrence.

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