A Longtime AACR Member Extolls the Benefits of Monthly Giving

Sunil Gupta
AACR member Sunil Gupta, MBBS

Sunil Gupta, MBBS, has been an AACR member for 25 years and a monthly donor since 2012. Currently living in Boston, Dr. Gupta is chief medical officer at OncoQuest Pharmaceuticals and has attended several AACR Annual Meetings and other events over the past quarter century. “The AACR pursues an outstanding mission in terms of education, supporting high quality research, and advocacy,” Dr. Gupta says. “What the AACR does is very beneficial to the oncology community and cancer patients at large.”

Dr. Gupta understands the need for the AACR to raise a steady stream of funding to help accelerate innovation in cancer science. “The need for more research is tremendous,” he said. “Federal funds are continually under pressure.” Because of this, Dr. Gupta has joined the Sustaining Hope Club, the AACR’s monthly giving society.

“Monthly giving provides reliable, continued support so the AACR can better plan and budget for the future,” he said. “Donating monthly is easy. I don’t have to rush at the year-end—it’s good for budgeting and time management. My hope is that the AACR is able to put these contributions where the need is the greatest: toward research, education, advocacy, and patient care.”

Monthly donations to the AACR and our more than 49,000 members worldwide provide sustained support for groundbreaking research that saves lives. You can join the Sustaining Hope Club to help advance our lifesaving mission to prevent and cure all forms of cancer.

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