Gina Favors

My name is Gina Favors and I live in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. I am a 5-year breast cancer “Thriver”!

In November 2010 at the age of 50, after 33 consecutive years of getting yearly mammograms, I was diagnosed with stage III invasive lobular carcinoma. The cancer was not detected in the mammogram or ultrasound taken right before my diagnosis, or in previous scans. It was detected from a biopsy. I was informed that one of the major factors in the mammogram or ultrasound not detecting this tumor was the high level of my breast density, which can result in delayed detection of cancers.

After going through the trauma of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, and radiation treatment, I’m taking a drug called Arimidex. This treatment will continue for another five years. I thank God that I’m alive and doing well. 

The passion I have for being a breast cancer patient advocate has allowed me to become a leader for the cancer awareness ministry at my church. Also, I have had several meetings with directors and managers in the St. Luke’s Health System in Kansas City. I am pleased to say that on July 10, 2012, they shared with me some major changes made to their diagnostic breast care system procedures based on my personal experience at their hospital.

I’ve relayed this information to you because I was told that the type of cancer I was diagnosed with is one of the least-detected breast cancers in women, and I am compelled to be an advocate for early detection of this detrimental disease. Unfortunately, I have not heard specifics regarding the warning signs for this type of cancer. So, if my story could be told to help save one life, we together have partaken in a miracle.

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