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The Cancer Immunology Working Group (CIMM) seeks to provide a forum for immunologists and non-immunologists alike to meet, exchange knowledge and ideas, and discuss the present status and future promise of this important discipline.

Why Join CIMM

  • To promote the pivotal role of immunology in cancer research;
  • To incorporate immunology-related science into AACR programs, thereby advancing AACR’s role in this field;
  • To disseminate developments in cancer immunology to the scientific community;
  • To highlight the role of immunotherapy in cancer research;
  • To facilitate translation of concepts to the clinic;
  • CIMM members receive a 15 percent discount for employment advertisements posted on the AACR-administered website; use the code CIMMAD.

Publications Discount for CIMM Members


The AACR journal Cancer Immunology Research (CIR) publishes outstanding original research on major advances in cancer immunology that span the discipline from basic investigations in host-tumor interactions to developmental therapeutics in model systems, early translational studies in patients, and late-stage clinical trials. The CIMM working group of the AACR and the Cancer Research Institute provided the impetus and support for the launch of CIR. In appreciation, all CIMM members who publish in CIR receive a special discount of 5 percent on the publication charges (excluding AuthorChoice) in addition to the AACR member discount of 5 percent. Thus, the total discount on the charges is 10 percent for CIMM members only. Just use the code “CIMMAO2020” when receiving notification from the CIR staff about author billing. Visit the CIR website to view recent issues and learn how you can submit manuscripts for consideration on our Instructions for Authors page.

How to Join CIMM

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]
Fax: 215-440-9322