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The mission of the AACR Cancer Immunology Working Group (CIMM) is to provide an ongoing forum for scholarly discussion of the complex relationships between the immune system and tumor cells along the continuum of cancer research.

why join CIMM

  • Promote and foster immunology research from fundamental research to clinical testing of new immune-based interventions, as an integral part of the prevention and cure of cancer.
  • Facilitate the integration of cancer immunology with other cancer research sub-disciplines. 
  • Stimulate new developments in research, technology, concepts, and policies to advance the field.
  • Highlight the best cancer-related immunology research through AACR and its journals, Annual Meeting, and other forums.
  • Foster an atmosphere of open dialogue among a diverse group of researchers with a common interest in the field.
  • Support the education, training, and professional advancement of early-career scientists to drive interest in cancer immunology. 


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Senior Scientific Program Administrator
​Scientific Programs​ and Strategic Initiatives
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