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AACR New Drugs on the Horizon at the Annual Meeting

AACR New Drugs on the Horizon
held in Association with the AACR Chemistry in Cancer Research Working Group

For further information regarding the submission of an abstract to be considered for the New Drugs on the Horizon series at the AACR Annual Meeting 2025, please complete the interest form by September 1, 2024. For further information, please contact Dr. Raquel Castellanos (see below).

This special series of three sessions held at the AACR Annual Meeting comprise a total of 12 presentations. Each 20-minute presentation must include a first disclosure of the chemistry and biology of small- and large-molecule agents that are currently being or will soon be actively investigated in clinical trials for the treatment of cancer. A summary of the 12 first-time disclosures presented at the 2023 AACR Annual Meeting is available in AACR Annual Meeting News.

New Drugs on the Horizon at the AACR Annual Meeting 2024

Titles and speaker names were released on March 5, 2024 on the online Program Planner and can be found here: AM2024 New Drugs on the Horizon Series. Abstracts will be released on the day of the actual presentation during the Annual Meeting.

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Key Dates for AACR Annual Meeting 2025

  • Abstract Submission Process Opens: Fall 2024
  • Deadline to Submit Abstract for Consideration: Fall 2024
  • Selection Announcements: Early December 2024
  • Accepted Abstract Submission: January 2025
  • Molecular Structure and/or Sequence Submission: February 2025
  • Titles and Presenter Names Released on Online Program Planner and App: March 2025
  • Abstracts Released: Day of presentation at the AACR Annual Meeting

Additional Details

  • The New Drugs on the Horizon Abstract Review Subcommittee reviews all abstracts/research summaries that are submitted for consideration.
  • All review subcommittee members sign Non-Disclosure Agreements prior to reviewing any abstracts.
  • Information remains embargoed as defined in the timeline above by both the AACR and the presenting organization.

Contact Information

Dr. Raquel Castellanos
Associate Director of Scientific Programs and Strategic Initiatives
[email protected]