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Addressing Advocacy at the Bench

Patient engagement is a valuable tool to increase research efficiencies and lower health inequities. The challenge lies in moving theory into practice. The AACR’s Addressing Advocacy at the Bench panels highlight case studies of community-based research initiatives, developed and implemented by teams of patients and researchers working together to improve outcomes for all patients.

12th AACR Conference on The Science of Cancer Health Disparities in Racial/Ethnic Minorities and the Medically Underserved

Populations at risk for health disparities are less likely than other groups to participate in research studies. This gap in research participation threatens to increase health inequities, as cancer research studies drive the development of new and improved treatments. Researchers and advocates are combatting this issue by co-creating patient engagement efforts that promise to increase patient participation in cancer research. This session highlighted case studies of community-based initiatives, developed and implemented by teams of patients and researchers, working together to eliminate research and health disparities.

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The Atlantic: People v Cancer, Collaborations Against Cancer: Patients Partnering with Scientists

Patients and physicians are reaching new levels of partnership, as they co-create treatment plans, assess evidence-based therapeutic options, and discuss quality of life issues. Is it possible to have similar partnerships earlier in the pipeline when treatments are being discovered? Can patients and scientists work together to better inform translational cancer research approaches and improve patient outcomes? This session explored the intersection of cancer survivors, patient advocacy, and patient engagement in cancer research with a look at the impact of AACR’s as a platform that brings these unique communities together

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