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“How-To” Series

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The “How-to” series was created to help answer some of the most common questions asked by cancer survivors, caregivers, care partners, and patient advocates. These posts are written by patient advocates for patient advocates and include practical information for patients who are new to the community or trying to hone their advocacy skills.

I want to know how to…

Advocate On Capitol Hill

If you are interested in meeting with your local Congressman, learn from three active Rally participants as they share their experience and give tips on how to advocate on Capitol HIll.

Share My Story

You may decide not to write about every aspect of your life, but readers appreciate it when you choose to share something; you share with honesty and candor.

Write an Op-Ed

One of the inevitable side effects of being diagnosed with cancer is having a unique perspective on a host of subjects. A great way to reach a wider audience for these ideas and possibly influence what people are thinking, saying, and doing is to write an op-ed.

Find Support Groups

Many women and men who have been diagnosed with cancer have found that joining a support group helps them manage a wide range of feelings and fears they experience during and after their cancer treatment.

Find Financial Aid and Advice

A diagnosis of cancer is never easy, but it can be even more stressful when you’re struggling to pay for costly treatments and medications

Become a Patient Peer Reviewer

The involvement of advocates in cancer research is crucial, and often it is a requirement for research applications to be considered for funding.

Interpret a Scientific Poster

A large meeting, such as the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting, can have thousands of posters on display, but you can learn how to quickly identify posters that interest you and examine their content.

Use Social Media to Advocate

Social media is changing the medical landscape. Harnessed properly, it has the power to bring advocates, scientists, clinicians, innovators, and financiers to the same table.

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