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AACR Virtual Patient Advocate Forum: COVID-19 and Cancer
AACR Virtual Patient Advocate Forum: COVID-19 and Cancer

The forum addressed the state of COVID-19 science, new treatments, vaccines, and the pandemic’s impact on patient care.

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Resources for Patient Advocates to Combat COVID-19

Resources are available to help patients with cancer navigate their treatment and care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Tell Us: How have you been affected by the coronavirus?

Cancer Survivor and Patient Advocacy Program

Building upon the AACR’s longstanding commitment to foster partnerships with cancer survivors and patient advocates—and to fulfill its goal of significantly expanding these relationships—the association established the Cancer Survivor and Patient Advocacy Program in  2004.

Our Mission

The AACR’s Cancer Survivor and Patient Advocacy Program is dedicated to fostering mutually beneficial and enduring partnerships among leaders of the cancer survivor, patient advocacy, and scientific communities.

By strengthening communications and developing collaborations among these key constituencies, the program enhances efforts to accelerate progress against cancer. To advance the prevention and cure of the disease, it is critical that advocates and scientists work together to increase funding for cancer research, further participation in clinical trials, improve clinical trial design, and facilitate access to cancer information for the general public. The Cancer Survivor and Patient Advocacy Program strengthens and supports these synergistic collaborations.

Opportunities for patient advocates

Cancer survivors and patient advocates provide valuable insight throughout the research continuum to inform scientific discovery, public policy, and clinical research. To encourage participation in research, AACR offers patient advocates and cancer survivors a number of resources, tools, and opportunities, such as:

Scientist↔Survivor Program®

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Addressing Advocacy at the Bench

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Advocates on Capitol Hill

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