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Founders of the AACR

The following individuals are the founding members of the American Association for Cancer Research:​

Silas Beebe
Silas P. Beebe, MD, PhD
George H. A. Clowes
George H.A. Clowes, PhD
William B. Coley
William B. Coley, MD
George Crile
George W. Crile, MD
James Ewing
James Ewing, MD
Harvey R. Gaylord
Harvey R. Gaylord, MD
Robert B. Greenough
Robert B. Greenough, MD
Leo Loeb
Leo Loeb, MD
Frank B. Mallory
Frank B. Mallory, MD
Ernest E. Tyzzer
Ernest Tyzzer, MD
J. Collins Warren
John Collins Warren II, MD