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The mission of the Chemistry in Cancer Research Working Group (CICR) is to advocate the critical role of chemistry in the treatment of cancer through increasing chemistry awareness, knowledge, and capabilities of those invested in cancer research. This is accomplished by enhancing communication among researchers who share a passion for chemistry in cancer research; educating, informing and augmenting chemistry knowledge and capabilities in cancer research through AACR programming; and supporting the needs and development of current CICR members while growing new membership.

Why Join CICR

  • To promote the pivotal role of chemistry in cancer research
  • To sponsor scientific initiatives such as symposia, forums, meetings, and conferences that provide a venue for the dissemination of chemistry-related advances
  • To recognize the outstanding achievements of chemists in cancer research
  • To support the education, training, and professional advancement of early-career chemists in cancer research
  • To be informed on stimulating new developments in the field of chemistry in cancer research; and
  • CICR members receive a fifteen percent discount for employment advertisements posted on the AACR-administered website; use the code CICRAD.

How to Join CICR

Contact Information

[email protected]
Fax: 215-440-9322