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Student Membership

The AACR is committed to increasing the number of young students pursuing careers in science and cancer research. This commitment to science education and increased participation of students has been manifested by providing membership opportunities in several AACR programs:

AACR Student Membership

Student membership is open to persons who have manifested an interest in cancer and related biomedical science and who are enrolled in a program leading to a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree.

AACR-Undergraduate Scholar Awards

The primary purpose of the AACR-Undergraduate Scholar Awards is to inspire young science students to enter the field of cancer research. Awards are available to full-time third-year undergraduate students for participation in two consecutive AACR Annual Meetings.

AACR Undergraduate Student Caucus and Poster Competition

Undergraduate students are increasingly represented in both the AACR membership body and during its Annual Meeting. Therefore, the AACR has extended its commitment to this population by providing a program to address career transitioning and an opportunity for students to compete for prizes while presenting their research. Learn more about the student caucus and poster competition.

AACR Special Program for High School Students: “The Conquest of Cancer and the Next Generation”

Annually, the high school program is offered during the AACR Annual Meeting and provides a unique opportunity for high school students to explore career opportunities in science at a national meeting.

Mentoring Opportunities for AACR Members

By doing everything possible to strengthen interactions between senior cancer scientists and promising students, we hope to facilitate the contributions of young students to scientific research and the conquest of cancer. We invite AACR members to volunteer as mentors. Learn more about mentoring opportunities for AACR Members.